Hand crafted
Carved Dogs Head
walking sticks.
Hand Made
Shepherds crooks
Direct from the maker.

British Stickmakers Guild
member  no 2057.

How to buy your dream crook or walking stick

Buying your dream crook or walking stick could not be simpler, just complete the purchase page with your details and your payment will be taken via a secure route to a Pay Pal site.
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If however you do not have  Pay Pal or an email address and cannot purchase on line, then just telephone me with the stick number of your choice and your contact details. The stick will be removed from sale and reserved as your purchase.
Delivery of your crook or walking stick will take place as soon as your method of payment has cleared. 

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Take Care of your Crook

Looking after  your crook could not be easier.
 The most important rule with any horn crook or walking stick is do not leave it in a strong sun, especially do not leave it in a car on a sunny day or in direct sun light in your home.
The reason for this is that heat has been used to form the horn handle, and while it should not move away from its final shape once it has been made, there is always the possibility that if heated sufficiently by a heat source such as the sun, the shape of the handle will alter and try and revert back to its original shape as a natural horn. The movements when they occur are not generally noticeable but to the maker of the crook.
The other part of your crook which most likely has had heat applied to it is the shank, or stick.
Very few shanks arrive in a stick makers workshop straight, and therefore will need some application of heat to remove bends and straighten the shank.
Both these  natural materials used in the making of a crook have a memory of their original shape and like a steel spring will try and revert to that shape, given the chance.
Other than this simple precaution the only other thing needed is to keep the whole crook clean and if needed a oil to feed any unvarnished wood to dispel water from its surface.

On sticks that are not varnished the best treatment to keep your walking stick in good condition is to apply a coat of Briwax . This will feed the timber and impart a wax coat that should repel moisture.

Carved Hare.
Cherry on crabapple 52 inches tall.

Carved Lurcher
Lurcher carved in sycamore. 52 inches tall.

Springer Spaniel
Carved Springer 50.5 inches tall

Woodcock Thumb stick.
Carved woodcock thumb stick on holly.