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Please note I am no longer accepting commissions.

I will try and offer crooks for sale on this web site as I am able. Thank you. 

Wren Country Sticks was created in 2006 by myself Joe Musialowski after being made redundant. Probably one of the first websites to offer bespoke shepherds crooks and hand made walking sticks on the internet. I had already been stick making since 1993 as a member of The Midland Counties Stick Makers  and later their editor and also a member of The  British Stick Makers Guild, of which I am still a member to date.

  The main stay of Wren Country Sticks work has always been the rams horn shepherds crook, hard wood crook, or even some made in other durable materials such as a beech laminate or Bishops croziers made in a combination of different materials. This has not however meant that carved dogs head walking stick and animal head walking sticks were not popular for they were and always gave me the greatest  challenge and satisfaction when finished.  

Now that I am retired and not particularly seeking commissions I  hope to create many more of the dogs heads walking sticks and animal head walking sticks such as the woodcock thumb stick, which has been very popular and copied by a number of stick makers, and also hope to experiment with new concepts for walking sticks  such as the travel stick for all the categories  of walking sticks. Many overseas shepherds have asked for a travel version or two piece version  of the crook and I now have the time to experiment.

As mentioned the use of none tradition materials such as laminates and metals has always been of interest to me when creating a new stick. Such a stick can be seen in the previously sold page of this website in the Norvik market stick which was made of a bur elm and aluminium. Or the Bishop Libby Lanes crozier which was made using Purple heart and aluminium. These are striking sticks and stray away from traditional methods of stick making, they are a challenge but a joy when they work.

This is a new website and may be some time before it works as well as my original website, also as every stick here is hand made from scratch by myself it will take time before I can build up my stock of sticks to a level where most visitors will find something of interest, so I apologise and ask for your patience while we rebuild Wren Country Sticks.  

Please do keep watching the Store page for any new crooks as well as my Facebook page.

Regards Joe               


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bishop of Middleton at his consecration at York Minster, with a Wren Country Sticks one piece rams horn crook as his crozier. This was our first crozier to be used in a consecration at York Minster, but would not be the last.     

First women Bishop in the Church of England Libby Lane  with a Wren Country Sticks  three piece crozier. Made with purple heart and aluminium. The Arch Bishop of York  John Sentamu standing next to her is I hope giving me the thumbs up for a job well done.

Her Royal Highness Princess Anne visiting the Wren Country Sticks marquee at a International Sheepdog Trial in South Wales.

Myself with Tony Ottesen left and Luca Finni right at a World Championship Sheepdog Trials. 

Had the great privilege to make the prize crook for the Angercupen Championship Sweden 2008. Turned out very nicely. 

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