Catching up with old links


My old web site had many links to other related websites. Some stick making sites but mostly sheep dog trialing sites and sheepdog people sites. After my old website was hacked I lost all those links and recently decided to try and re connect with them

One such early site was that of Tony Ottesen, a sheepdog man from Denmark. I had not long opened my website and started making crooks for sale on the internet when Tony got in touch. Like many canny farmers he had come up with a scheme to get himself a new crook with out having to find any money for it. He asked if Wren Country Sticks would sponsor him by making him a crook and in return we would have a banner on his extensive website.

Ok we needed a bit of exposure as we were just starting out and he needed a crook so we agreed on the deal.

It was a good mutual deal and probably one of the nicest crooks I ever made. The horn worked well and I had no problems with from start to finish. To make it something special we carved the heel in the shape of a rams head and then painted a portrait of one of Tony's dogs on one side and engraved his name on the other. 

Tony website like my old site no longer works but he has now a Blog  at 



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