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Hi Folks. Finally we are back at work in the workshop after quite a bad year.  Some of you may have seen I sold most of my rams horn working equipement as I no longer want to work rams horn. I still have enough jigs etc that if I wanted to tackle a horn I could, but the real aim now that we have reached the ripe old age of 72  is to concentrate on carving dog heads and carving hardwood crooks .

We will still offer the odd rams horn crook if we come across a nice example that needs refurbishing and is suitable for painting a border collie on, but other than that it will be timber all the way.

Starting up again has been a bit slow as there always seems to something to drag you away from the workshop, and now that winter is setting in I will not be too eager to spend time in a freezing workshop.

Still,. keep your eyes peeled on the Store page as that is where anything I have for sale will be offered.


Thanks for taking the time out to both visit my website and reading this blog.  Cheers and beers.




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