Latest news on tutorial videos

We were hoping to show oour tutorial videos here on our web page but have not got around to sorting out the right platform to be able to do this with out any YouTube connections.

However the videos can be seen on YouTube and the number are growing.   To date we have the stills video which basically is a rehash of what can be seen elsewhere on this web site. Then we have a video over some 14 parts showing the making of a laminated crook with a carved border collie on the nose. In this one we take you through all the processes from start to finsh. Which included straightening a stick.

Next we have a video on making a rams horn crook. So far we are at part 6 or 7 with more to come.

to be able to watch these in sequence on You Tube I think its best to open up my channel "Wren Country Sticks " and hopefully there you will be able to pick every episode with other non related videos breaking in.

Will keep you all updated as new stick videos are made.

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