"OUT OF STOCK" message

Recently I had a customer miss out on buying a crook she wanted.   She emailed me to say the item was out of stock.   on checking I could see that as a stick was bought a messagge "out of stock " came up.  This is part of the stock taking and tracking system on the webpage. As every crook or stick I offer for sale is unique and not duplicated there will only ever be one crook or stick for sale per listing. So as a item is bought a automatic message comes up to say no more available.

There is nothing I can do to change this other than not use the tracking system, which would then allow a second sale on a listing which no longer had any stock to sell.

I dont know how many customers find this a problem but it concerns me.  To check if you have actually bought a item you only have to view your basket, and if the item is shown there with the cost then you have definetly bought the item.  If there is no stock the basket will be empty.    I know because I have tried it.

So folks if you are buying ignore the out of stock message if you hav an item in your basket you are good to go as they say.

If you are unhappy the an email to me will never go amiss.   Cheers, Joe.

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