Up Coming Sticks

Well the Badger stick is finished and  on the Store page for sale. Looking forward to it getting a good home for Christmas.

Next crook due to be varnished and offered for sale is a White Ash and Purple Heartwood Laminate crook with a carved border collie on the nose. Looks very fetching and I think it would be an ideal Ladies crook. That should be finished  in the next day or two I hope. 

Think I will have to make a few more crooks with border collies on or possibley the combined rams head and collie crooks.

Thanks for checking out this latest addition to my blog.  

The recently made Hare stick did not hang about. Just like the real thing this stick took of at a pace and sold within a hour or so of being posted on the website for sale.

 Have a few commissions to keep me occupied at the moment, but I also need to make sticks for the Store page on the website.

So just to keep things interesting decided to make a Badger stick, which is almost finished. Carved in Maple with just the Badger head painted, the handle is mounted on a stripped Ash shank with a black buffalo horn collar. Should look realy nice once the varnishing is complete.

Keep an eye open for this one.

Thanks for checking out my blog.



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